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Re: Self-published best-sellers?

Jules-I'm not a Blake scholar per se, but will try to get you a source. My
take on Blake (from gad school) is a blend of many sources and my own
reading. Blake's famous for Songs of Innocense and Songs of experience, two
works which highlight thesocial landscape and religious issues of his time.
Sometimes an individual poem is in one, some editions it's in the other. Just
an example--he saw the world in unusual terms, to say the least!
The academic poobahs have decreed that published work be juried, selected--if
you do it yourself, you're the one doing the picking! Makes more sense in
fields of science, critical literature theory--is far less applicable in fine
arts. I'm an academic (English) not an academic book artist. I would assume
that making your own artist;s books would be considered much more like a
painting or printmaking--you'd be evaluated on what you produced, then on
getting it into galleries, etc.
The thread of what's good/bad about the academic emphasis on publication will
probably bore this list to death! So I won't go any further--Laurie

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