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Bindings in NYC

1) The catalog for the Wormsley show runs at about $45.00 (unless they're
discounting it at the Morgan - back to you later on that). It's superb:
very high quality reproductions, serious scholarly notes.
I agree with some of the doubts about the show itself. My review is still
on my web-site, though I plan to take it down next week.

2) About the Surrealist bindings at the Guggenheim: I have the list, and
it's a bit scary: there are 91 bindings, including Arp, Bellmer, Sonia
Delaunay, Paul Bonet (22), Georges Leroux (23), Pierre-Lucien Martin (11),
etc. And that's not counting the trial proofs by Miro, the corrected
original copy of the first Surrealist Manifesto, and so forth. The show
opens next week.

1999, Laurie O'Brien wrote:

> Bertha-wish I could have seen that exhibit. do you by any chance have
> catalogue information? thanks. Laurie

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