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Re: cost of self publishing

> << Yes, but a duplexer on your laser printer saves the aggravation of running
>  the pages through a second time to print on the second side and getting the
>  sheets out of order >>
> The duplexer is of course great, be sure to use long grain paper to reduce
> curl. But, the real breakthrough is the hard drive in the printer. With this
> handy item I download the complete book in one shot, completely collated. The
> first book takes a loooooong time, but that copy is stored on the printer
> hard drive and copies 2 - 999 spits out at full printer engine speed.  With
> my HP 4000 I can print a complete double sided, collated, 220 page book in
> about 15 minutes. Print runs of 100 are a snap.
> dt fletcher

Or go to a local copy shop with electronic printing capability

For example We can store the "electronic original" on our server and print
copies on demand with a number of bindings available (http://www.alco.com).
This is probably a better solution for many people who either have only an
ink jet or a slower laserprinter without a hard drive.


To people concerned about the world ending on the Millennium.
The Jewish calendar is in the year 5759 and the Chinese calendar is in the
year 4696.  The Christianity Calendar is in the year of 1999.  If the Jews
and Chinese made it through their calendar year 2000, I am sure the
Christens will too.


Larry Nebel
AlcoPrint  --  Fremont, CA  --  http://www.alco.com

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