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Re: Bindings in NYC

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From: Larry Nebel <larryhn@ALCO.COM>
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: Bindings in NYC

Jules Siegel wrote:
>> Is there any way of getting scans of some of these

>that probably violates the copyright law

It doesn't if it's a fair use.

Under American copyright law, the reproduction of a small
portion of a larger work for educational purposes with
attribution is called a fair use. The law attempts to
balance the copyright holder's property rights with the
public need for information and education.

I have some references on this subject that I will share by
email or by setting up a space on my website if I receive
enough queries. It's a bit complicated but easy to
understand once you get the basic concept of what is fair
use and what is commerical exploitation.

In this case, using one or two photographs from a catalog of
an art exhibit as part of a review or report with full
attribution to the source would be an eminently fair use,
which is what I had in mind. Selling the scans would be
commercial exploitation. Using a substantial part of the
original work even for educational purposes is almost always
an unfair use.

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