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Re: Copyright on logos and theft of designs

I am not an expert but had a few classes in copyright and patent issues
i think there are two things you can do but maybe for the next clients one
would be a general
contract that lays out the way you work and what you will actually do for your
clients and a good way to present this is so they can percieve it as a check
list for themselves in what they will recieve from you but you can also
include a bit about altering your work and also that the work and ideas
belonging  to you.
the most difficult issue on courts and design is that to get a design patent
does require a lot of money and the design has to be put into words patent
lawyers do this and also actual plans (blue prints).  If you were to go after
a company they may have more money than you and bankrupt you in the process,
by dragging it out in court unless it was something so rediculous in
similarity and a lawyer wanted to back you up.
  In product design this stuff happens a lot especially overseas i have a
freind who designed some clocks and in hong kong saw the exact design to the
point  that he realized that someone bought his clock in the states and then
just took molds off of it and manufactured it.
  It is a lousy part of being a designer just try and talk with a patent
lawyer just for advise, it shouldn't cost too much and they can help you and
may already have some contracts that you could use for your next clients and
check the library too. take it easy  from tom johnson

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