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Re: Bible description

Would "coffered" be appropriate? My family has such a Bible, and its =
binding decoration greatly resembles a coffered ceiling, with deep, square =
areas. Yours may be quite different.
Alison Chipman
Getty Vocabulary Program

>>> Teri L Herbert <herbertl@MUSC.EDU> 05/26/99 09:38AM >>>
I have a request that I don't have enough experience to answer.  Can
any of you help?  Here's the question:
The rare books cataloger is working on a Bible - one of those 19th century
family Bibles.
She is trying to describe the binding - it's one of those with the highly
raised designs (or very deeply embossed, however you look at it).  Is
there a proper way of describing this kind of binding?  e.g. "very deeply
embossed" or "raised patterning."  ABC for Book Collectors isn't helping
us much.

Appreciate any help in terms!    Thanks. TL Herbert, Charleston, SC
Please reply to herbertL@musc.edu

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