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Re: paste paper

I'myou sure you'll get lots of recipes....there are as many as there are for
Mom's chicken soup.  I like using straight methyl cellulose with acrylic
paint added.  It doesn't have to be refrigerated like the flour recipes, has
a good shelf life .  If it thickens, just add a little water(keep in tightly
closed container). I mix up a palette and keep them in old cottage cheese
style containers with tight lids. I like acrylics because they're waterproof.
This is a more expensive way to go than wheat paste but it suits my needs of
doing a few sheets at a time occasionally. If you're going to do a big bunch
at one time, you'll probably want to go with a flour paste.   Whatever you
do, be sure and iron your papers after they dry(between sheets of newsprint,
not too hot an iron).
nancy bloch

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