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lightfast dye alternative

I just wanted to share with those of you who may be interested a phone
conversation I had with a rep at Rupert, Gibbon and Spider (800)442-0455
a manufacturer of Procion dyes.  He said that the Procion dyes have about
25% of the light-fastness of acrylic paints.  On the bright side he
described another product called Dye-na-flow which they also manufacture
which is pigment based but water-thin and designed to go into the fabric
like a dye does.  It has the light-fastness of acrylic.  It can be masked
with a product called Gutta.  The rep was very friendly and nice in his
fielding of questions.  I called him about ten days ago and he called back
today and was very willing to answer all questions.  Dye-na-flow, he said,
is available in the New York area at Pearl Paint and the Art Store. Thanks
to all of you who participated in this discussion and offered to help.
Barbara Valenta

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