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Re: lightfast dye alternative

Not to question the illustrious salesperson at Rupert, Gibben & Spider, but I
have been using Procion MX dyes for nearly 15 years and when the earliest
pieces (both art quilts and bookcovers) are hung beside a piece of freshly
dyed fabric, there is no indication of fading whatsoever.  Dye-na-flow is
pigment based and very good.  The only Procion MX dyes that I use and trust
are from Prochem.  There are several different types of fiber reactive dyes
and their lightfastness and colorfastness are extremely dependent upon the
application process.  But since my work is dye-oriented, I may be somewhat
prejudiced as I do not want the 'hand' of my work to change, and any pigment
based color application will do that, some less so than others.  So good luck
with the Dye-na-flow - I think you'll be quite happy with it and it does not
require as many accessories as the dyes .  Keep us posted as to the results.

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