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Re: Copyright on logos and theft of designs

In this week's Newsweek there was a fascinating article about the
Chicago ad agency that won the Heinz Catsup account.  The
agency competed with other very large agencies, taking about a
month to prepare a huge campaign.  The article said that this is the
norm for agencies now, that, for important accounts, all the
agency's efforts are put into getting the account.  Chiat-Day, one of
the agencies that did not win, put just as much effort into the

I used to work in the catalog business.  We prepared, for our
collaborative efforts with very large and important companies, what
we called "dog and pony shows," putting a great deal of work into
what could very well be shot down.

It is, unfortunately, the way the business goes.

One of my jobs at the catalog co. was product development and
design.  I later learned, to my dismay, that the work I did for my
boss,even very successful projects, was not my own, that it was
"work for hire" and that he was in the right to pay me only my
salary, nothing of the huge profits that he reaped from the work I
had done.  A Painful and valuable lesson, watching the product that
I had designed, marketed, etc. earn the company many dollars that
did not flutter down to me.  The market rules.  It's the deal and one
has to find a way to deal with it.

Good luck with your business.  hang in there.

Bertha Rogers

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