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Logo design and being 'screwed' by dishonest clients

Dear All

Thank you to all of you who responded to my query.  It seems I misexpressed
myself in some way - the job was not taken on spec, and indeed, we do have
signatures to back ourselves up.  The only thing is, the client has begun to
pussyfoot quite seriously about paying, throwing their weight around quite
considerably.  The conclusion we reached is that they had no intention of
taking the job to print with us and because we are just two women, they felt
they could bully us right off the page.  Interesting.  Educational.  We've
drawn up quite a nice little agreement for our next clients  :-) and will
take this client to the small claims court if needs be.

Thank you for sending us the 'dope smack'.  In some respects, we needed to
give it to each other, but it is truly a delight to know that we are within
our rights, and it is the client who is at fault!

Robyn and Peta.
R   O   B   Y   N      S   A   S   S   E   N      &      P   E   T   A
K   A   P   L   A   N
for Frodo Originals.  Proprietor : Peta and Robyn Originals cc
URL   :   http://www.artslink.co.za/frodo/
email : mephisto@global.co.za
P O Box 10 Bruma 2026 South Africa Tel + 27(0)116161019
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