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Re: Copyright on logos and theft of designs

In a message dated 5/28/99 4:59:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
bkrogers@CATSKILL.NET writes:

<< I later learned, to my dismay, that the work I did for my
 boss,even very successful projects, was not my own, that it was
 "work for hire" and that he was in the right to pay me only my
 salary, nothing of the huge profits that he reaped from the work I
 had done. >>

When you are an employee, this is correct, even if you are paid only minimum
wage and they make millions, the results of your creative effort is theirs
and theirs alone. However, any good employer makes sure that their employees
share in the wealth otherwise they will lose their employees.

A good example is the studio musician, when bringing in a musician on a
recording it is important to pay them for their work, otherwise they will
have a partial claim to the  recording which would create huge problems.
dt fletcher

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