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Guillotine paper cutter

I have been lurking on this list for some time, reading many of the
postings with great interest. I have been known to make books, quite
lovely things are handmade books, but I also make many many other
things, and there isn't always time for the books. Anyway, my
question is this: I recently acquired a smallish Gestetner guillotine
cutter which doesn't work. There is a half inch by half inch gutter
into which the blade drops and so the blade doesn't properly contact
the paper, and doesn't cut it. Does anybody know anything about these
cutters? Do they need a metal surface for the blade to slide across
(like a scissors)?  Is there a piece missing? Is there anything I could slide
into this gutter to make my cutter work? Or should the very sharp
blade contacting the paper in a firm manner be sufficient? I'm not
sure. Please help.

Vanessa Lowe
Vanessa Lowe
Unit 310 - 237 East 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5T 4R4

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