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Re: Drilling holes through a bookblock

A wood drill bit simply bores through the paper making a hole by virtue of
pushing it out of the way of the bit. What you really want is a paper drill.
For very small quantities, a Japaanese screw hole punch is a wonderful tool
and toy. Can be had from places like Bookmakers, Colophone Book Arts Supply,
&c. For large text blocks, or editions, you might try to find a local
commercial bindery that would be willing and/or able to drill your pape for
you. The paper drill works by actually creating a core of paper what is
drilled out of the sheets. This creates a much cleaner product. I have done
it all ways by now and much prefer the automated version, a la Challenge
paper drill. But, then again, I work in a bindery where we have a variety of
these drills.

Good luck.

Bonnie Thompson Norman
The Windowpane Press

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