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Re: Drilling holes through a bookblock

I make several hundred wedding albums a year (all stab sewn with 7 holes
each) and have found that a jig and drill press fitted with a wood drill
works fine. Sometimes there is a burr but I drill the entire 30 pages at
once.  I do drill the covers separately using a jig for that as well.
THe time to prepare the jigs is well worth the finished product.

By the way, the photographer I make these custom albums for always sells
them as his product, we have gone around and around about who owns the
design.  I am always frustrated at his suggestion that he owns my work!
More copyright dilemma!


Suhag Shirodkar wrote:

> What's the best way to drill quarter inch wide holes through a
> bookblock?
> (for post-&-nut binding). I am using a 1/4 inch wood bit and a manual
> drill,
> using C-clamps to hold the bookblock in place. Of course the holes are
> never
> perfect. Also it takes a long long time to drill each hole. What am I
> doing
> wrong?
> Thanks all,
> Suhag

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