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Re: Drilling holes through a bookblock

The best way ( a specialised drill press with special paper drill bits ) is
likely too expensive.

An alternative is:

1.There is a special type of wood drill bit called a brad point bit. This
has two spurs on the rim that cut a circle out before the wood in the center
is removed. It drills very clean holes in paper and wood. The regular drill
bits are made for metal and do a very poor job.

2. Make a template by drilling holes at the spacing you want into a piece of
wood. Place this wood on top of the bookblock and clamp it down, this will
clamp the bookblock all along the edge. Then the holes drilled in the wood
will help steady your drill as you drill into the book block.

3. Of course, a handheld electric drill will help enormously, and a drill
press is better. But I don't know what your budget is. A brad point drill
bit will cost maybe two dollars, an electric drill $50, a drill press well
over a hundred dollars.

> What's the best way to drill quarter inch wide holes through a bookblock?
> (for post-&-nut binding). I am using a 1/4 inch wood bit and a manual
> using C-clamps to hold the bookblock in place. Of course the holes are
> perfect. Also it takes a long long time to drill each hole. What am I
> wrong?
> Thanks all,
> Suhag

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