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Re: Logo design and being 'screwed' by dishonest clients

Unfortunately, if one is going to survive in the business world it is
necessary to do some things that may seem distasteful.

But what is wrong with spelling out your responsibilities and expectations
prior to starting work?  My wife is an artist who takes commissions on
occasion and she has never had any problem with potential clients being
upset at signing a contract, nor has she ever had a problem with a
dissatisfied client. The contract protects them and her. Many of her clients
come from the business world and far from being offended like the idea of

If you are an artist who has a day job, then perhaps you can afford to forgo
business concerns, but if you want to be treated like a professional I
strongly urge you to act like one.


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<<   We've
 drawn up quite a nice little agreement for our next clients  :-) and will
 take this client to the small claims court if needs be. >>

Personally, I would never do business with people who put a "nice little
agreement" in front of everything else and who like to take "clients" to
Good Luck
dt fletcher

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