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Re: Guillotine paper cutter

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Vanessa Lowe wrote:

There is a half inch by half inch gutter
into which the blade drops and so the blade doesn't properly contact
the paper, and doesn't cut it.


If you have access to a table saw or know someone who does merely cut a
piece of maple 1/2 x 1/2 inches by whatever length the width of your
guillotine is and then with sandpaper smooth the four long surfaces as
best you can.  The sticks can the be rotated end for end and different
surfaces turned up for the purpose of making a good contact with the
blade.  Additionally, it helps to place a piece of scrap tag (poster)
board underneath the book block or stack of papers you are cutting to
ensure that even if your blade is not making full contact with the stick
you are still going through all of your material and thus do not risk
tearing the bottom layers.  You might also want to place a scrap piece
of book board or mat board on top of your material if your guillotine
has a vertical clamp that comes down to hold things in place, this helps
prevent embossing the foot of the clamp into anything of value.

I am not familiar with Gestetner cutters but from the sources for
cutting sticks that I have I do not recall seeing sticks that small
though they may be out there.  Hope this answers a few of your
questions, sounds like a fun new toy.

~ Chad Pastotnik

Deep Wood Press
P.O. Box 726
Mancelona, MI  49659
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