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Re: Contracts and Legal Forms

As artists, we often concentrate on the creative end of our field and fail to
give the necessary attention--sometimes with disastrous results--to the
essential, practical business concerns of running our career and protecting
our interests.  Sadly, these are important areas, often overlooked in art

At Book Central we've made a point of searching out how-to books to help
increase our survival skills as book artists.  There is one book in
particular that I wanted to mention because of the recent discussion of the
need for well-written contracts and business forms.

The book is "Business and Legal Forms for Crafts" by Tad Crawford. There are
23 different forms, each with an in-depth discussion of key points and
step-by-step instructions for filling them out.  There is an additional copy
of each form on tear-out pages that can be photocopied. Best of all, you
don't even have to retype the forms! They are provided on a CD-ROM (for both
MAC and PC platforms) so that they can be customized and saved for future
use.  You'll also find an introduction to contracts, advice on standard
contractual provisions, and how to contact Volunteer Lawyers of the Arts.
Unique negotiation checklists for each form guide you to the best deal--even
if the other party has drafted the contract.  The price of this book,
including the CD-ROM, is only $19.95.

By the way, the other titles in our section "Surviving as a Book Artist"
--The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, $19.95
--The Artist's Guide to New Markets: Opportunities to Show and Sell Art
Beyond Galleries, $18.95
--Arts and the Internet: A Guide to the Revolution, $18.95
--The Business of Being an Artist, $18.95
--The Fine Artist's Guide to Marketing and Self\Promotion: Innovative
Techniques to Build Your Career as an Artist, $18.95

There are complete descriptions of all of these books and others in the
current issue of Book Arts Classified.  You can also get more details by
 <A HREF="http://www.artistbooks.com/">www.artistbooks.com</A>

At Book Central we feature books that will help you improve your creative and
technical skills as a book artist. But we also want to help you become a
successful, affluent book artist as well.


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