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Re :Logo design and being 'screwed' by dishonest clients

>In a message dated 5/28/99 9:23:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>faulkner@REDSHIFT.COM writes:
><< But what is wrong with spelling out your responsibilities and
> prior to starting work? (snip)   if you want to be treated like a
>professional I
> strongly urge you to act like one.
> Hal >>
>Let's put it this way Hal, you missed the point entirely.   The situation
>described was where the artist had yet to obtain the contract for work and
>wanted the client to sign "a little something" prior to the work contract.
>Sort of a pre-work contract. This was so that the dishonest client wouldn't
>steal their pre-work presentation.  Any "professional" trying such a move
>would more likely be shown the door aound here. And, if the client really
>dishonest then it was probably a good thing that they didn't get the work
>PS - What was really weird to me in this whole story was going back three
>times to do presentations and brainstorming.  How many "professionals" out
>there would have the time to do such a thing. Then go on to fume and fuss
>about it and go to court and waste even more time.

Actually, I think Fletcher missed the point.  We presented three
presentations AFTER the client had signed acknowledgement of our terms and
accepted our roughs.  When they received the final quote they turned
frightened and started blaming one another for signing things they had not
read properly.  They elected not to take the job to print through us, but
also decided not to cover _our_ design costs..

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