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Re: Re :Logo design and being 'screwed' by dishonest clients

In a message dated 5/30/99 1:27:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
mephisto@GLOBAL.CO.ZA writes:

<< Actually, I think Fletcher missed the point.  We presented three
 presentations AFTER the client had signed acknowledgement of our terms and
 accepted our roughs.  When they received the final quote they turned
 frightened and started blaming one another for signing things they had not
 read properly.  They elected not to take the job to print through us, but
 also decided not to cover _our_ design costs.. >>

You are right, this sounds very different from what was first described and
without knowing the full details from both sides it is impossible to offer
anything specific, other than: If the client in this particular instance is
indeed "dishonest" then you are very lucky to have found out when you did
rather than later down the road.

My general suggestion is to avoid legalisms whenever possible. One of the
worst raps a small firm can get is that they sue (right or wrong) their

Good Luck!

dt fletcher

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