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Re: Photocopying photos

> Got there and found out things were slightly more complex. First off, he
> me the "wrong" price. Second, the Docutech (sp?) was for color coping and cost
> significantly more; what I wanted was the b&w Docu40 (sp?). And finally, no,
> their Docu40 was not networked (the right question to ask: "Is it
> What they would have to do is print it out, then scan the hard copy into the
> Docu machine and then copy. Looked horrible, the print outs came out way too
> dark.

A DocuTech is ONLY Black and White  --  only digital (may or may not be

A DocuColor 40 (May be called a Docu40) is a 40 ppm color printing system
and usually is networked (but does not have to be)

A DocuTech will do great photos as well a 5090 (non digital system) from
either a digital or electronic original (if the DocuTech is not networked
the format of the digital original is strange  --  probably best not
attempted for small jobs)

The DocuColor 40 can also do great photos from wither an electronic original
(if there is a RIP attached  --  which for a Doc 40 is nearly certain) or
from an actual photo

Your experience is exactly why I suggested that people go to local
independent print shops (NOT Mail Boxes ECT  --  real print shops) where the
owner is available to help and the employee are trained on the equipment

We (and many other locally owned print shops) do these kinds of jobs every
day  --  and we depend on the local businesses like you using us to support
up so we are there when you need us  --  Stay away from the Big K with its
minimum wage, untrained employees and go to a local print/copy shop where
the people are trained and appreciate your business  --  in the long run
both you and your local economy will be much better off


To people concerned about the world ending on the Millennium.
The Jewish calendar is in the year 5759 and the Chinese calendar is in the
year 4696.  The Christianity Calendar is in the year of 1999.  If the Jews
and Chinese made it through their calendar year 2000, I am sure the
Christens will too.


Larry Nebel
AlcoPrint  --  Fremont, CA  --  http://www.alco.com

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