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Re: What scanner would you recommend?

In a message dated 6/6/99 3:03:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
feinj@PIPELINE.COM writes:

<<  I need to purchase a scanner and would love
 some suggestions as to what would be appropriate for me to purchase
 (keeping the price under $200, if possible). >>

If you really need to keep the price under $200 you might want to consider
going used. There really isn't much to wear out in a scanner and if it works
it should keep on working for a long time. With the technology going as it is
there has to be some great deals on something like a HPIICX. Rugged as a tank
and cost around $1000 3 or 4 years ago, its only 600dpi, but it does great
work. Probably well under $200 on the used market now.

The standard software to manipulate your photos is adobe photoshop.  If you
are serious about doing this sort of thing then photoshop is the one to
learn. Check with your friends who have scanners and see if they have an LE
Copy. Register it in your name and in a few months Adobe will make you an
full upgrade offer for something a lot less than the $500 sticker price.

Homemade paper would probably be easier to push through a laser printer than
an inkjet. I've had good luck using all sorts of rough paper through lasers,
my experience with inkjets is that they tend to be very fussy about paper.

dt fletcher

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