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simulate fluxus work?

Dear List --

I'm currently working as a guest curator for the Hand Workshop Art Center in
Richmond, VA on a retrospective for the late book artist/fluxus artist and
painter Davi Det Hompson, opening in September.  Five venues in all,
including Virginia Commonwealth University's Anderson Gallery and Special
Collections, are working together to simultaneously present different
aspects of Davi's work.  With relatively limited funds, we would like to
create a fluxus-like, audience participatory bookwork for the catalog with
viewers picking up a printed piece at each venue and inserting it in an
envelope or folded cover of some kind that has been printed with front and
back images of Davi's head.  The viewer would assemble a complete book that
I envision as cross-referential in the the mode of much of Davi's book
works, with the possibility of reshuffling or recombining for different

I'm having two problems and hoping some of you can give me advice.  First, I
want a low-tech tone that mimics mimeograph or xerography or the typewriter,
but those outdated things are either logistically impossible or expensive
for a run of about 3500 pieces.  How can I achieve this kind of appearance
with camera-ready art for a conventional printer?  Second, I wanted to use
office supply-like materials (I was originally thinking of a
button-and-string envelope) but these, too, seem to be hard to find and/or
expensive, or they can't be printed.  Again, any suggestions?  The piece
will fail, I think, if it simply looks like five separate 5 x 7 stiff,
glossy gallery broadsides that are picked up and stuffed in an envelope.
Materials and visual tone seem essential and I'm having trouble getting the
printers I've talked with to "get" the idea.

Thanks, in advance.  You can reply to me privately at either dinah@rica.net
or at dryan@cit.mbc.edu, or you can reply to the list if you think the
answer would be interesting for anyone else.
Dinah Jung Ryan
Contributing Editor, Art Papers Magazine
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art and English, Mary Baldwin College
Home Office:  (540) 885-8537
              Fax:  (540) 885-6167
              e-mail:  dinah@rica.net
MBC Office:   Grafton 108
              (540) 887-7092
              Fax:  (540)887-7139
              e-mail: dryan@cit.mbc.edu

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