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Re: repair advice--spiral bounds

> Ah yes, spiral bounds, the librarian's nemesis, for exactly the reason
> that they fall apart fast and are labor intensive if not impossible to
> repair.
> The easiest and probably cheapest thing to do is to buy another copy if
> it is still available.
> If the holes are set far enough in to give you some margin you can do a
> Japanese style side binding.

We have a hot glue tape binding system  --  we would im the book just to the
edge of e spiral punched giving a clean, firm edge and then rebind with the
hot glue tape  --  it makes a very nice bind that lays flat and is quiet
durable  --  cutting the book and rebinding would be from $3.00 to $6.00
depending on number of pages  --  plus new covers if desired

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39716 Fremont Boulevard
Fremotn, CA 94538-1316

510/796-COPY (2679)

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