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Re: simulate fluxus work?

I would be very interested in the answers to these questions so please post
replies to the list.
Laura Tompkins

-----Original Message-----
From: Dinah Ryan <dinah@RICA.NET>
Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 5:20 PM
Subject: simulate fluxus work?

>Dear List --
>I'm currently working as a guest curator for the Hand Workshop Art Center
>Richmond, VA on a retrospective for the late book artist/fluxus artist and
>painter Davi Det Hompson, opening in September.  Five venues in all,
>including Virginia Commonwealth University's Anderson Gallery and Special
>Collections, are working together to simultaneously present different
>aspects of Davi's work.  With relatively limited funds, we would like to
>create a fluxus-like, audience participatory bookwork for the catalog with
>viewers picking up a printed piece at each venue and inserting it in an
>envelope or folded cover of some kind that has been printed with front and
>back images of Davi's head.  The viewer would assemble a complete book that
>I envision as cross-referential in the the mode of much of Davi's book
>works, with the possibility of reshuffling or recombining for different
>I'm having two problems and hoping some of you can give me advice.  First,
>want a low-tech tone that mimics mimeograph or xerography or the
>but those outdated things are either logistically impossible or expensive
>for a run of about 3500 pieces.  How can I achieve this kind of appearance
>with camera-ready art for a conventional printer?  Second, I wanted to use
>office supply-like materials (I was originally thinking of a
>button-and-string envelope) but these, too, seem to be hard to find and/or
>expensive, or they can't be printed.  Again, any suggestions?  The piece
>will fail, I think, if it simply looks like five separate 5 x 7 stiff,
>glossy gallery broadsides that are picked up and stuffed in an envelope.
>Materials and visual tone seem essential and I'm having trouble getting the
>printers I've talked with to "get" the idea.
>Thanks, in advance.  You can reply to me privately at either dinah@rica.net
>or at dryan@cit.mbc.edu, or you can reply to the list if you think the
>answer would be interesting for anyone else.
>Dinah Jung Ryan
>Contributing Editor, Art Papers Magazine
>Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art and English, Mary Baldwin College
>Home Office:  (540) 885-8537
>              Fax:  (540) 885-6167
>              e-mail:  dinah@rica.net
>MBC Office:   Grafton 108
>              (540) 887-7092
>              Fax:  (540)887-7139
>              e-mail: dryan@cit.mbc.edu

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