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Re: What scanner would you recommend?

If you want to scan slides, it's best to get a slide scanner. Not cheap but
it provides the best quality. Nikon makes the best but you'll need at least
$1000. Polaroid Sprintscan is good too.
I have to say, I've used Umax, HP, Agfa, Apple and Epson Scanners. I own an
Epson. It is so much better. But to get a good scanner you need to spend over
$600, but the time it saves in investing in a good scanner is worth it. A
good scanner can also provide you with a 3 pass option. What that means is,
the scanner scans the image 3 times and only reads one color chanel each
time. Then it composites an image from those scans. It's great for loe relief
scanning. A coffee cup lid really looks like a coffee cup lid on you screen.
You want to touch it to see if it sticks out.
Don't forget your time is worth money. For instance my scanner can preview
any image size about 7 seconds. That's from the time my finger lets up from
the mouse button. For an actual scan of a 45MB file, 3pass it took just over
4 min on the Epson Expression 636. If you want an image sample I'd be glad to
send you one.
E-mail me off list.
The only complaint I have about Epson is their software loading is a bit
clunky, but I think Mac users are spoiled. The software itself is great and
it's very easy to scan images in. The other complaint is sometimes the
scanner is too good. It will pick up every little detail. EVERY LITTLE
Detail. Sometimes not desireable.
The other thing is I don't think they make a parallel port scanner but the
scanner should come with a scsi card. If you have a new computer and it's
fully loaded you might want to see if you have any IRQ's open to handle the
SCSI card or you'll not be able to attach anything. IRQ's are different from
ISA or PCI. If you have not idea what I just wrote in that last sentence,
e-mail me off list and I'll explain them best I can.
The best thing to do is get a piece of artwork with a lot of colors and text.
Include some metalics if posible and go scanning at a local computer store if
they will let you. Let your eyes decide.


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