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Re: What scanner would you recommend?

I have very good results scanning slides with a Polaroid SprintScan 35.  I
think it has been upgrade since I got mine a few years ago. Back then it
cost $900.  Our labs use a Kodak one that people are happy with but is a
little less versitile.  I can with great care get a medium format
transparency into mine.  The Kodak holder is such that it is not an option.

I also have a transparency adapter on my AGFA DuoSCan T1200 flatbed that is
basically useless except for extremely low quality work.  If you want
quality I would stay away from any flat bed adapter and get a dedicated
slide scanner.  however other may have a different opionion.  gwen miller

>I am interested in a transparency adapter for a scanner too. If you have one
>of these, can you put your slides in and print them out as prints??
>Unfortunately I started out my photographic life with slides and I have
>hundreds of these (I guess I should say thousands) which I now find will cost
>$2 each to transform into prints.
>All the info on scanners has been very much appreciated since I will probably
>have to buy a new scanner when I buy a new computer.
>Thanks to all.
>Jane Conneen

Gwen Miller
Art Director, Web Designer
Goshen College
1700 S. Main St.
Goshen, IN 46526

Phone: (219) 535-7581

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