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Re: I need a good Guillotine

I don't know where you are, but I found mine in the SF Chronicle want ads
under printing equipment.  I'm sure the big papers in nearby cities will
have a similar category.  Also do a web search using Dogpile or Google.
FYI my guillotine is a Chandler and Price 19 inch cut (big hulknig floor
jobbo, total weight about 400 lbs.?) It was in good but not great shape, the
blade is sharp. Cost $250.  I picked up.... It was a bear getting it up the
steps into my house. If you are looking for something that big or bigger be
sure you plan on the expense of getting it in wherever you are going to put


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Subject: I need a good Guillotine

Hi there,

        Does anybody have any suggestions for a good economical Guillotine?
I'm looking for input on models, prices, and sources.

                                                Thanks, Jeff Jones

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