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Re: What scanner would you recommend?


I, too, have thousands of slides from 40 years of Architecture. I considered
a slide scanner, but given the price and the time-cost of scanning a large
number of them, I decided to select a few hundred of the very best and send
them out for professional scanning onto PhotoCD. Miller Imaging (no
relation: 2716 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90403, (310) 264-4711) charges $0.99 per scan, and the disks
and photo indices (indispensable) if you order at least 30 scans at a time.
You get five different resolutions up to 2048 x 3072 pixels (better than you
can get doing it yourself on a Polaroid of Nikon scanner) of each image. You
can also order 35mm negatives, either B&W or Color, on the same PhotoCD, up
to a total of 100  images per CD. It's really  more economical, unless your
time is practically worthless, and who'd admit to that?

At these prices, you'd have to order over a thousand scans to pay for one
scanner, and then you'd have to do the scanning yourself. Can you imagine
how long it would take to scan 1,000 slides? and clean them up, too?

Art Miller, Architect

Original message:

>>I am interested in a transparency adapter for a scanner too. If you have
>>of these, can you put your slides in and print them out as prints??
>>Unfortunately I started out my photographic life with slides and I have
>>hundreds of these (I guess I should say thousands) which I now find will
>>$2 each to transform into prints.
>>All the info on scanners has been very much appreciated since I will
>>have to buy a new scanner when I buy a new computer.
>>Thanks to all.
>>Jane Conneen

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