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Re: simulate fluxus work?

Dinah Ryan wrote:

> <snip of interesting problem introduction>

> I'm having two problems and hoping some of you can give me advice.  First, I
> want a low-tech tone that mimics mimeograph or xerography or the typewriter,
> but those outdated things are either logistically impossible or expensive
> for a run of about 3500 pieces.  How can I achieve this kind of appearance
> with camera-ready art for a conventional printer?

I just demonstrated a solvent transfer from a laser printer or copier originals
to different surfaces. The results varied, but I was struck by the inherent
beauty of "loss" through both the reproduction process (copier or scanner>laser
print) and the solvent transfers. We tested about three or four different
manufacturer's products. We had success with Canon B&W copiers and Hewlett
Packard laser printers.

> Second, I wanted to use office supply-like materials (I was originally
> thinking of a
> button-and-string envelope) but these, too, seem to be hard to find and/or
> expensive, or they can't be printed.  Again, any suggestions?

I once designed an invitation to a luncheon on a plain brown paper bag, about
the appropriate size for a lunch. I got a letterpress operator to print
these...they were mailed out with a special RSVP card inserted, but that was
another problem. Maybe, somewhere near you is an older "low-tech" printer who
could handle the "look" you need without any special effort.

> Materials and visual tone seem essential and I'm having trouble getting the
> printers I've talked with to "get" the idea.

technology marches on, eh?
Darryl Baird
Assistant Professor of Art
Photography & Graphic Design
University of Michigan-Flint

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