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Re: simulate fluxus work?

> Would you mind sharing what particular solvent you used and what surfaces you
> transferred onto -- and any other pertinent information?

We used a solvent called CitraSolv. It's a strongly orange smelling fluid found
in many health food stores.

To use -- dab a small amount onto a cotton pad or ball an apply to the back of
the original, apply a gentle pressure as you rub the solvent over the entire
area. This paper is already in contact with whatever surface you want the image
to adhere to...paper, wood, etc.

If the transfer isn't strong enough, you can try a stronger pressure or
burnishing tool -- a spoon is fine.

If the transfer isn't strong enough still, try coating the receiver paper with a
light coat of the solvent and allow to dry slightly before step one above.

If the transfer isn't strong enough still, add a low temperature iron (around
the synthetic setting) to the original's back with gentle pressure, moving

we mainly transferred to paper in the class, but I've transferred to wood
(boards) and ceramic tiles with pretty fair success too.

the real problem is identifying a copier/laser printer that produces original
which WILL transfer at all, not all will.

happy transfers
Darryl Baird
Assistant Professor of Art
Photography & Graphic Design
University of Michigan-Flint

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