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Re: simulate fluxus work?

Well, now I'm curious about CitraSolv. What is it SUPPOSED to be used

When I did some transfers in a class a few years ago, we used alcohol, I
think--the kind you get in the pharmacy, not the liquor store. You could
probably also use nail polish remover, although that has additives that
you may not want.

Betty Steckman

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> From:         Darryl Baird[SMTP:dbaird@FLINT.UMICH.EDU]
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> Sent:         Wednesday, June 09, 1999 11:05 AM
> Subject:      Re: simulate fluxus work?
> > Would you mind sharing what particular solvent you used and what
> surfaces you
> > transferred onto -- and any other pertinent information?
> We used a solvent called CitraSolv. It's a strongly orange smelling
> fluid found
> in many health food stores.
> To use -- dab a small amount onto a cotton pad or ball an apply to the
> back of
> the original, apply a gentle pressure as you rub the solvent over the
> entire
> area. This paper is already in contact with whatever surface you want
> the image
> to adhere to...paper, wood, etc.
> If the transfer isn't strong enough, you can try a stronger pressure
> or
> burnishing tool -- a spoon is fine.
> If the transfer isn't strong enough still, try coating the receiver
> paper with a
> light coat of the solvent and allow to dry slightly before step one
> above.
> If the transfer isn't strong enough still, add a low temperature iron
> (around
> the synthetic setting) to the original's back with gentle pressure,
> moving
> constantly.
> we mainly transferred to paper in the class, but I've transferred to
> wood
> (boards) and ceramic tiles with pretty fair success too.
> the real problem is identifying a copier/laser printer that produces
> original
> which WILL transfer at all, not all will.
> happy transfers
> --
> Darryl Baird
> Assistant Professor of Art
> Photography & Graphic Design
> University of Michigan-Flint

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