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Re: simulate fluxus work?

You can also do this with the old-style Design (brand)
marker - the colorless belnder. The newer-style two-ended
colorless blender doesn't work, though.

This technique is big in the graphic design world for
transfering laser copies with a rough look. I don't know
if it works on copier toner. I usually just hit the "flip
image" button (Page setup, Mac) when I'm printing the item
out, and it comes out ready to transfer.

Courtney Graham

RLavadour wrote:
> >When I did some transfers in a class a few years ago, we used alcohol, I
> >think--the kind you get in the pharmacy, not the liquor store. You could
> >probably also use nail polish remover, although that has additives that
> >you may not want.
> >
> >Betty Steckman
> I recently purchased a handy tool for transfering color or black and white
> xerox copies from Dick Blick. It is shaped like a soldering iron but with a
> round disc at the end that gets *really* hot. You just rub it along the back
> of the photocopy - it takes a little practice to apply enough heat to
> transfer, but not so much you burn the paper. Results seem to be comperable
> to solvent transfers I've done in the past. Takes a little patience, (the
> disc is only about the size of a nickle, and you have to move it slowly) but
> there are none of the problems associated with using solvents.
> Roberta
> (sorry if this comes through with huge type, I'm having a little font
> problem with my program...)

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