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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 8 Jun 1999 to 9 Jun 1999

The three times we moved our Chandler & Price machine we took the *whole*
thing apart.

If I remember correctly, the pieces we then hand carries out of the bindery

The wheel (on top to lower the fence)
The fence
The housing for the blade / Heavy!
The table top
The legs/sides, there are two
The arm (to lower the blade) and attached to this are the cross bars
holding the two legs/sides together
The couter weight (AKA: The Little Bastard)
And a few other parts.

Taking the machine apart helped a lot in regards to not only moving it, but
also learning exactly how it works. I have no trouble servicing it myself
after rebuilding it three times.

All told it takes about an hour to take apart and two or more to put back



>I don't know about all guillotines but mine (an old Reliance, 26 1/2
>inch) has a couple of bolts on each side that allows for the bed to be
>dropped out thus greatly reducing the weight.  Easily then moved by a
>couple of stout friends.
>~ Chad
>"Steven D. Hales" wrote:
>> When I moved my guillotine, I hired a tow truck. More precisely, a
>> roll-back truck. The guillotine is mounted on skids. Pipes were placed
>> under the skids so it would roll, and then it was winched into the
>> rollback. Cost $40.
>> Steve

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