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PABA Gallery

PABA, the photoart bookart gallery opened 2 months ago in New Haven, CT,
and as a subscriber of almost two years I have many of you on the list
to thank.  A new medium was introduced to me through the list and I have
since offered photo-based artists' books in the gallery along with books
about books, photo prints, journals, and a rotating selection of
snapshots and vernacular photo.

Knowing that the lists' participants are quite varied, I am sending out
this introduction not just to those whose work incorporates the
photographic image but to everyone interested in promoting the bookarts
here in New Haven.
Hope all is well out there and looking forward to hearing from you.

Brian Valzania
PABA Gallery
1044 Chapel St.
New Haven, CT 06510
203.773.3665  fax 203.773.3574

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