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Announcement: Artistamp Mailing List


This is an announcement of a new eMailing List: The Artistamp Mailing List.

The AML is intended for people interested in discussing, trading, teaching
and learning about the art of creating Artistamps. Generally one-of-a-kind,
and / or limited editions, artistamps are not intended to fool your local
postal carrier, but are instead a miniature art form with specific
guidelines / formats pertaining to the ability to create art in the form /
size / shape / style of a postage stamp. If you are interested in the art
of Donald Evans, Anna Banana, Etc, (and by association mail artists such as
Chuck Welch, John Held, Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence School)
then this list is for you. Please, all inquiries and subscription requests
must be approved / accepted by the list maintainer. Stop by
http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/artistamp  for more information and/or to
request to join the list.



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                 fax:  401 455 3480
               voice:  401 455 3680
                mail:  one allens avenue
                       providence, rhode island 02903

                info:  handbound books, albums, journals,
                       guestbooks, clamshell boxes and more.
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