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Re: Squaring boards - a caution

    The idea of checking the square cut of a board with a graph-paper
needs some
amendment.  A friend gave me a batch of the paper, and checking it
reveals that the lines on much of it are, in fact, not square
themselves.  Apparently, their purpose is only to provide spaces for
graphing math, not to be absolutely square.  This does not mean that all
such graph paper lines are out of square but if you try it, check the
lines first to make sure.
    He also gave me a roll of fabric which has similar lined squares on
it and it, indeed is true, and so that is what I shall use.
    I used to have a picture frame shop and the conventional wisdom
there was that one could not count on factory cut mat-board being true,
and always to check its corners for square before cutting a mat.  That's
true now of fabric, end-sheets, and most other materials, including
binding board.
    So the advice is, with cutting, printing or whatever: check, check,


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