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Hello everybody,

I've gotten a couple of interesting emails about Fluxus...although I don't
know how Fluxus relates specifically to book arts, I do know something about
Fluxus. It's a loosely-knit group of artists who work in a plethora of
media, was founded in the late 50s or early 60s by a guy named McManus. John
Cage has been perhaps the strongeset driving force in Fluxus' career, and
Cage is still a presence in Fluxus although he died several years ago. Yoko
Ono, the poet Jackson Mac Low, the video artist Paik Nam Jun and other
people associated with the avant-garde have been involved with Fluxus. One
famous Fluxus performance is called "Lick," and it involves a several Fluxus
members laying naked on a table, covered with whipped cream, and audience
members are invited to lick whipped cream off the performers. Yet I am still
curious how Fluxus relates to book arts!


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> > Pardon my ignorance, folks, but what exactly IS fluxus?? Also, I've been
> > wondering what serigraphy is. I know its some kind of printmaking
> > technique. If someone could fill me in on these definitions, I'd be most
> > obliged :)
> >                 -Carrie
> >
> Fluxus has never been clearly defined but if you want to get a
> sense of what
> it is/was look at http://www.fluxus.org/
> A loose definition would be that it is an attitude towards creativity that
> allows for play, seriousness, musicality and experimentation.
> Key figures include George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Emmett Williams,
> Nam June Paik, Ken Friedman, Ben Vautier and many more others
> others...Fluxus has been said to have begun in 1962 at a performance in
> Wiesbaden, Germany but this is really just the first time the
> name was used
> in public to describe what these artists did.
> Fluxus is alive today - discussion online on Fluxlist.
> see http://www.rust.net/~museum/FLUXLIST/index2.htm
> Hope this is helpful.
> Sol.

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