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In response to Dan Godston's post the key connection between Fluxus and book
arts was Dick Higgin's Something Else press which inspired much of the
innovative and interesting developments in book arts that we know today.

btw Dan, if you followed the Fluxus links and read my post on Fluxus you
would see that the guy you refer to as founding Fluxus is George Maciunas -
he did not found Fluxus so much as coined the term Fluxus to use as an umbrella
for exciting new art being produced at the time by a whole spectrum of
artists in whom he was interested. Fluxus was originally to be the name of a
magazine that Maciunas intended to produced however he used the name for a
performance in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1962 and the press coverage of this
performance referred to Fluxus people and the name stuck - hence Fluxus.

I would urge anyone interested in Fluxus to follow the links I posted
before. Fluxus is not particularly obscure or difficult to find out about
and Dan's post is not an entirely accurate picture.



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