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Re: glue stick availability

Hi Eric. I'm writing from Colophon Book Arts Supply. We carry Pritt glue
sticks. We've been out for about 5 months but they are due in in mid june
so any day now. Our E-mail is colophon@olywa.net, and our phone #

> From: Eric C. Alstrom <Eric.C.Alstrom@DARTMOUTH.EDU>
> Subject: glue stick availability
> Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 10:56 AM
> I know there are many pros and cons on the use of glue sticks and I would
> not get into that.  What I am wondering is if Pritt Stick brand glue
sticks are
> still available (manufactured by Henkel, Dusseldorf, Germany).  I have
> several library/archival catalogs and the college's usual supplier of
> items, and so far with no luck.
> Does anyone have any experience with Scotch brand glue sticks which seem
to be
> available (it goes on purple but dries clear).  Any comments on the
> brand?  Or any hints where I might still be able to find the Pritt
> I have contacted the Henkel corporation and if anyone is interested, I
will let
> you know what they say about their product.  I also looked at their web
page and
> it has a nice glossary of adhesive terms, not all pertaining to
> books/paper/binding, but interesting none the less.
> http://www.henkel.com/intl/
> (wait for the welcome page to transfer to the main page, click
"Adhesives" and
> then you will the glossary)
> Thanks to all who can help.
> Eric
> *****************************************
>  Eric Alstrom
>  Collections Conservator
>  Dartmouth College
>  Hanover, NH
>  603-646-1452
>  eric.c.alstrom@dartmouth.edu
>  http://www.dartmouth.edu/~ealstrom
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