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polyester vs. mylar question

Recently in an art supply store I saw a photo album the label
of which said it was of archival quality, and, that the
windows were made of polyester.  Also, the same store sold
rolls of what looked like a cellophane, and which was marked
        Would that polyester therefore be harmless to paper,
and acid-free, or, does it depend on which polyester, and how
it is made?  Could I thus use polyester to make "folders" or
protective wrappers for book dust jackets?   Some of these
dust jackets are from theforties and  fifties, from European
books, and several are actually lithographs.
         Is mylar acceptable in such cases, or, would mylar
damage the dust jackets as  a member of this list recently
said it
fades or erases inkjet printing.  Is mylar acceptable for
ordinary printed book jackets but not for those which are
authentic lithographs? Or for both?
         I'm really confused about all these materials, and
would appreciate either a run=down or a reference to a site
which explains it.
       Thanks in advance,    Olivia

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