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Re: polyester vs. mylar question

On 18 Jun 99,, the dancing digits of Olivia Hibel delivered:

>         Would that polyester therefore be harmless to paper,
> and acid-free, or, does it depend on which polyester, and how
> it is made?
>          Is mylar acceptable in such cases, or, would mylar
> damage the dust jackets

I have some experience in using Mylar (or polyester, Mylar is a trade
name for polyester) from museum work.  It is fully acid free and is
highly reccommended for archival use.  It's the only thing that
museums use for document preservation.  As far as I know it is not
reactive and shouldn't cause any problems.  Inkjet printing is not
very stable because of the nature of the ink.  I suspect that the
fading that's been reported would have happened without the mylar.
Vinyl is definitely out.  I have seen vinyl lift laser printing from
a page.

Wayne Haegele

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