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Re: polyester vs. mylar question

 If ... the leather has red rot, use Cellugel or Klucel
>G in alcohol. Both are the same thing. The Cellugel is simply premade and
>is sold by Gaylord and University Products.

I would like some additional detail on what this product does and how to
use it on books with red rot.  Is it appropriate for books that are in a
circulating collection?  We seem to have a lot of items for which red rot
is a problem and it's SO messy to deal with.  I've tried covering up the
leather along the spine with adhesive book cloth which looses its stick
after a while.  I tried covering the areas with PVA but it picks up the red
rot and spreads it around, yuk!

Any advice on how to deal with these items is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

                                    Claudia Stall
                          Head, Collection Preservation Unit
                               San Diego State University
                             Library and Information Services

             "Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently."

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