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So, what then is "glassine" really?

Thanks James, and this begs a question:  What technically is
"glassine".  I have had glassine covered lithographs as dust
jackets on French books, and wondered, other than being very
thick (about .05 ml? I believe), what is it and how is it
different?  In the bookcollector's world for example, I have
seen numerous surfaces referred to as glassine, even yellowed
shiny paper on French unbound books from l910, I've seen
described as being  "glassine".  Of course I suppose that by
glassine on a lithograph dust jacket  you refer to the cover
of something like the book  CHAGALL, by Jacques Lassaigne, as
issued by the publisher, if you are familiar with that book.
But is that type of "glassine",  not in fact also some sort of
mylar or plastic but much thicker?
Does anyone know?
Thanks for your comments,

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