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Re: leather red rot

Consolidents such as Klucel G or Cellugel act to bind or glue fragile
leather together.  I spread it evenly over the leather surface with a
pad of lintless cellulose wipes, which are sold as printers' wipes.
Klucel helps some, but does not eliminate the reality of red rot, which
is not "curable" and does not entirely go away.  The ethanol solvent
evaporates, leaving the consolident in place.  The effectiveness of the
treatment will vary according to the leather and its level of

PVA won't stick to deteriorated leather--you will have to mix paste with
the pva in order to get it to adhere to the weakened surface.  But the
water in paste is likely to turn the leather black and hard before it
dries, which isn't a whole lot better.  Ditto self-stick anything--it
won't stay on the damaged, crumbling surface.  If the books are
circulating copies, consider getting them rebound.  The original
"pretty" covers aren't that important, if the books aren't valuable
enough to be non-circulating.  Besides, red rot is contagious to other
adjacent leather, as I understand, which is one more reason to get rid
of it, if you aren't dealing with something rare and/or valuable.

Eugene, OR

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