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Re: bamboo source

Yipe! BUYING bamboo!? It's the most ineradicable weed my parents have
ever failed to be able to find a cure for. It cracks cement and grows
happily inside their garage (having let itself in). What part of the
country are you in? (My parents live near San Francisco.) Anywhere south
of about 40deg N, not in mountains, and not in the desert, I bet you can
look around a bit and find some in someone's yard. It's really just
grass that's gotten a little beyond itself, so many varieties grow and
spread like weeds once someone's planted them. (On the other hand,
friends of mine had people _stealing_ their bamboo shoots, since their
stand was unusual for the area, _not_ very prolific, and edible.)

If you must buy, there're several cane and rattan suppliers scattered
about, another of which (in addition to the one Kelly Anderson
suggested) is The Caning Shop in Berkeley, CA. I can get the address for
you if you need it. Not cheap, really, but cheap enough to be a raw
material for crafts, at least in theory.

There are fancy dried varieties available from flower and dry
arrangement suppliers, too--look for wholesale flower distributors or
markets in the nearest big city--that's where you get things like that
sexy silvery-black bamboo, assuming you're not lucky enough to have it
growing nearby.

Still, especially if you don't need too much, you may well be able to
find what you need growing wild around the suburbs these days.

btw, how are you planning on using it?


> What about Pier I stores?
> the flambeaus they sell have bamboo stakes
> or a fishing supply store for bamboo poles?

> > Bamboo & Rattan Works
> > 470 Oberlin Avenue, South
> > Lakewood, NJ 08701
> > 732-370-0220

> >
> >> Take a look at Asian grocery stores.  I've found bamboo handles on
> >> kitchen implements large enough to make some bamboo tools, such as
> >> folders.  Also, if you're near a beach, bamboo is a frequent driftwood.
> >>
> >> Sam Lanham
> >>
> >> Holly wrote:
> >>  I am using bamboo in a book/box
> >>> that I am making and need to find a source.  I realize that this is
> >>> reaching, but I am at a dead end.
> >>>
> >>>
> >> Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)
> >>

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