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who are we anyway?

Someone in last week's mail prefaced or amended a question with the comment
(and here I paraphrase) " I am new to the list .Please be kind" What is this
List, some kind of reform school out of Dickens?  Why should anyone have to
be afraid of being shouted at and verbally assaulted with a cat 'o nine
tails? If we have let a bitter, scolding, haughty or abrasive attitude show
itself in this forum we need to take some inventory and get rid of it.
        I do not say this from on High as if I have never been out of
control. In fact in the recent past I let loose with a lightning bolt of rage
at someone totally undeserving of that. I hope he/she (this fellow artist)
has forgiven me, I hope I have forgiven me and I hereby do penance by saying
that kind of behavior is infantile, it not only stinks, it not only pollutes
the environment, but it narrows the forum to the few of us who have elephant
Caryl Seidenberg   THE VIXEN PRESS
Audrey, Henry said he thought he saw you on the plane Sunday nite out of La
Guardia. I was conked out, were you on that flight?

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