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Re: who are we anyway?

There will always be people who use this type of
forums as a place to fight their personal demons,
I think. There is a person posting to this list
cannot conceive that he might ever be wrong about
anything, and is quite vehement about it. Without
this person, the list would be a friendlier place.
However, this person is also in possession of a
wealth of helpful information, which he is very
generous with. So without him the list would be
a less useful place. We take the good with the
bad here, as ever. I think you just have to remember
not to take it personally if someone goes off on
you, because it's not like that person even knows
you. And you have to also take that into consider-
ation before you go off on someone; remember that
you do not know that person, you could have mis-
construed his or her meaning or intent, and it is
not up to you to bring down the hammer of truth
upon the world (like I just did).

That said, flame away.

Courtney Graham

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