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Re: who are we anyway?

I'm sure the reason why this individual in question posted his/her =
concerns upfront is because of the few lists online that present =
themselves as "forums for books, book dealing, and collectors" yet are =
really nothing more than "circus" forums for typing hyenas.=20

On these type of lists (which many of us have experienced) anyone can =
claim to be a book dealer, post incorrect archival information, make off =
the cuff comments and profoundly rude remarks (often slandering =
another's reputation or position.) Worst of all is that nothing is ever =
really done about it by the list owners. =20

Often out of line, unwarranted, and lacking factual information these =
actions are often allowed (we have to remember some are "fee for =
posting" lists and before the owner will loose a paying member they will =
try some lame form of action, if any at all not to ban i.e. loose the =
person's money.)=20

In my view this lack of serious action against such people is a lack of =
professional integrity and responsibility on the list owners part. It =
encourages the pathetic behaviour on these type of lists and ruins the =
lists reputation forever in the professional's view.=20

James Linza
james linza, antiquarian=20


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milan, italy +39-02-954-41-266

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----- Original Message -----=20
From: Caryl Seidenberg <Caryl360@AOL.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 9:04 AM
Subject: who are we anyway?

> Someone in last week's mail prefaced or amended a question with the =
> (and here I paraphrase) " I am new to the list .Please be kind" What =
is this
> List, some kind of reform school out of Dickens?  Why should anyone =
have to
> be afraid of being shouted at and verbally assaulted with a cat 'o =
> tails? If we have let a bitter, scolding, haughty or abrasive attitude =
> itself in this forum we need to take some inventory and get rid of it.
>         I do not say this from on High as if I have never been out of
> control. In fact in the recent past I let loose with a lightning bolt =
of rage
> at someone totally undeserving of that. I hope he/she (this fellow =
> has forgiven me, I hope I have forgiven me and I hereby do penance by =
> that kind of behavior is infantile, it not only stinks, it not only =
> the environment, but it narrows the forum to the few of us who have =
> hides.
> Caryl Seidenberg   THE VIXEN PRESS
> Audrey, Henry said he thought he saw you on the plane Sunday nite out =
of La
> Guardia. I was conked out, were you on that flight?

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